Why I become an actor?

30 years ago, I sustained an injury from an accident that caused a near death experience. This created a desire to do something more creative in my life. I wasn’t sure yet what that would be until my wife wanted to get into an acting class. I thought maybe that’s something that we could do together and possibly create a better bond. Honestly at that time our marriage was struggling, and I thought this might help. Ultimately, we wound up divorcing. It was also at that time that people would come up to me and say that I looked like this actor or that actor. The most frequent was that I looked like Al Pacino. So, I thought, well, if I have this look, let me try it out to see if I like it and if I have any talent.

I fell in love with acting and I continued taking acting classes in New Jersey. I also went at least once a week to New York City to study with various acting teachers. I was realistic in thinking that if this didn’t work out, then I’d try something else to be creative; music, writing, painting, etc. However, there was always a door opening that kept me in the acting world. Acting became that creative outlet for me, and happily continues to be.