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OUT OF TUNE / LOST IN ROSARIO”   Filmed  summer of 2022 in Rosario Argentina, now in final stages of post-production.  I was honored to play the lead in this indie feature film with an amazing cast and crew.      Directed by Gustavo Postiglione.                               Here is the teaser:

ALTER EGO  the feature film had a theatrical release.  I have a very cool scene with Eric Roberts, as well as VO throughout the film.  Directed by the esteemed Ezio R. Massa.  Currently streaming on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

PRODUCTION  I’ve  partnered with the amazing director/writer/producer EZIO MASSA.  We are currently in development with 2 feature films.  One is a thriller/drama and the other is a comedy.  Our production company is BFAM Entertainment, LLC (Brothers From Another Mother)

Update  The feature film, “AFTER DUEL“, I co-wrote with multiple award winning director Ezio Massa and Nic Loreti is in development and planning on going into production later in 2023. 

This collaboration with Ezio Massa began in 1997, when Ezio cast Harry as Mateo; as the lead in his 16mm NYFA thesis film titled “THE LAST DUEL”.

AFTER DUEL is extremely unique in film making and perhaps for the first time ever, uses actor’s images and footage (including me) from a film that was produced 25 years ago.  In it we follow the life of Mateo, and integrate the LAST DUEL film footage into the new production of AFTER DUEL.

On the CBS show, BULL, in 2021, I had honor to play the “honorable” judge.

2022 Actor Demo Reel

Updated Detective Role Clips:

COVID-19 news. I completed Moderna + Boost


More demo from various projects, all shot in 2022.

I currently have roles in at least 6 feature films that are streaming on Amazon Prime and/or Netflix, as well as ALTER EGO on AppleTV that include:

  1. ALTER EGO currently on Amazon Prime and AppleTV. My scene is with Eric Roberts
    My scene is with Charles Melton, the lead in the film, and Camrus Johnson.
    My scene is with Troy Garity.

More News

JIGSAW Trailer: 

Scotch & Soda   : a 2 minute clip from a recent film, playing a dad

           Selected Character Clips:

      Dads – Depth/Range  

     Cops/Detective Roles 

     Lawyer & Authority Roles

SUMMARY: I had a supporting role in the feature MGM/Warner Bros. film: THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR.  I was also in a co-starring/supporting role, in a scene with Eric Roberts; in the feature film ALTER EGO.

I had a lead in a sit-com pilot; DAHLIA and NATALIA.  It’s also in pre-production for it’s second episode, in which I have a lead, and reprising my role as Dahlia’s husband in future episodes.  I co-wrote, co-directed and acted in a new crime thriller short film; SHERWOOD FOREST. I also wrote and directed a short film for the International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology.  More details to follow.  

JIGSAW: I had a lead role as a monsignor in this short film which was also selected in “The Best Of” short film challenge.

UBER ORACLE  Was selected to be part of the “BEST OF” screenings for the Actors Green Room. It’s one of eight remarkable films selected to celebrate their productions. I’m honored to have had the role of the UBER ORACLE’S husband, as an NYPD lieutenant.

A short film, THE UNEXPECTED, that I co-directed and acted in with a lovely team of people premieried at the Hoboken Film Festival             

UBER ORACLE, playing an NYPD Lieutenant husband to the “UBER Oracle”.           

Scotch & Soda” playing the role of an estranged dad, meeting with his son afters years apart.

BROOKLYN BANKER: I have a supporting role, as one of the bankers in this feature film.  It stars Troy Garity (currently starring in HBO’s BALLERS, with whom I have a great scene), Paul Sorvino, David Proval, Arthur Nascarella and a host of many other fine actors.  Directed by Federico Castelluccio. 

WHAT EXIT, the web series that I have a recurring role as the “Greek dad and diner owner”, has been included on AMAZON PRIME.  JOHNNY MONTANA, a film that has won international and national film fests, was released last month in HD.  I have great supporting roles all of these.